❥ ❥ ❥ ❥❥ FIFI ❥❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ Angel Hair Pale Pink



FIFI ✽ Pale Metallic Pink Lipstick ✽ Creamy Velvet Finish  ✽ Highly Pigmented ✽ Vegan ✽ Gluten Free ✽ No Animal Testing ✽ Handcrafted in the USA ✽ Hand Painted POP ART Tubes ✽ Goes on like VELVET, stays on like STEEL ✽

FIFI is a fluffy spun sugar, devastatingly innocent shade of pale pink infused with a sprinkle of fairy dust. A natural on blonds but totally unexpected and mildly vintage on brunettes.



FIFI is a mischievous Super Pale Spun Sugar Pink with a hint of shimmer in Satiny Mateen.

VEGAN :: NO animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product.


★ HANDMADE in the USA ★