★ ★ VAPOR LOCK ★ ★ Midnight Dark Purple



VAPOR LOCK :: Lex Gable Cosmetix

VAPOR LOCK ✽ Dark Purple Lipstick ✽ Creamy Matteen ✽ Highly Pigmented ✽ Vegan ✽ Gluten Free ✽ No Animal Testing ✽ Handcrafted in the USA ✽ Hand Painted POP ART Tubes ✽ Goes on like VELVET, stays on like STEEL ✽

This AMERICAN MADE, Handcrafted Lipstick is formulated from THE Highest Quality INGREDIENTS with a Long Lasting, Most Luxurious Lip Feel.  

VEGAN :: NO animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product. Creamy Velvety Matte. HUGE Color PayOff


VAPOR LOCK :: Lex Gable Cosmetix

VAPOR LOCK is a double dark Midnight Purple with a hint of Violet Shimmer. Just a hint though. Deepest darkest purple. Highly pigmented in a Satiny Creamy Matteen.

DARK Purple is a shade that not everyone can wear but for those who can, and do, it’s an Show Stopping ATTENTION GETTER. Don’t wear this shade if you don’t want attention. This is a VERY Dark purple with a cool undertone AND a slight Purple/Blue shimmer, creamy smooth applying Matte.

VEGAN :: NO animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product.


★ HANDMADE in the USA ★

Lex Gable Cosmetix

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